Special Enameled Wire

Special enameled wire is a type of high-performance insulated winding wire designed and manufactured for specific applications and working environments. Compared to conventional enameled wire, special enameled wire has superior properties, such as higher heat resistance, chemical resistance, cut resistance, and radiation resistance.

It usually uses high-purity copper or aluminum as the conductor material to ensure good electrical conductivity. In some special applications, other conductive materials such as silver or nickel alloys may also be used.


Special enameled wire is a high-performance insulated wire designed and manufactured to meet specific applications. They provide superior performance in specific working environments and are an integral part of many high-end technologies and key equipment. With the development of technology and the growth of demand, the research and application of special enameled wire will continue to expand to meet the special needs of more fields.

Using our conductors in the field of enameled wire can achieve products with higher conductivity and better performance. Its advantages can be reflected in high-end electronic devices such as micro-motors, high-fidelity transformers,inductive coils,and more.


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