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Zhengzhou Flying Fish Metal Material Co.,ltd

Zhengzhou Flying Fish Metal Material Co.,Ltd. was founded in 2020.Before that, as a research institute, we have been engaged in the research of casting equipment and technology of high quality and high purity single crystal(OCC) copper&silver metal materials for 15 years.

Now we have advanced and mature OCC casting technology and metal processing equipment, can provide you with more cost-effective products and high-end wire one-stop solutions.

We use more sophisticated electronic instruments to control the casting equipment, which can cast single crystal metal rods with very fine diameters. These rods are then stretched to the actual required diameter on a dedicated drawing equipment. The purpose of this is to minimize lattice distortion in the conductor and retain a smooth surface, making the OCC casting advantage more prominent and retained. Therefore, our product quality is significantly better than other manufacturers.

Our products are highly suitable for high-end Hi-Fi cable and equipment manufacturing, special ultra-fine enameled wire, and bonding wire.

We have many long-term partners in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia. Also hope to become your supplier.

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We will purify the copper to 7N-8N and the silver to 6N, and then cast them into very fine metal rods through casting equipment to ensure that the purity of the copper rod reaches above 6N and the purity of the silver rod reaches above 5N.

In order to improve product quality, we use casting equipment with higher control accuracy to make the casting diameter finer. Although this reduces production efficiency, it effectively improves product quality. A finer casting diameter means that the copper rod has a smaller cross-sectional shrinkage rate when stretched to the use diameter, and the deformation of the crystal structure is smaller. Therefore, there are fewer processing defects, maximizing the advantages of the wire crystal structure.

The microscopic crystal structure of most single crystal conductor materials on the market is columnar crystal, which means that the grain size is relatively large and there are many lateral grain boundaries. Strictly speaking, this material cannot be called a single crystal conductor. Our product completely eliminates lateral and longitudinal grain boundaries, with a single crystal ratio of over 99%, making it a true single crystal.

We have specially customized special processing equipment based on the characteristics and usage requirements of single crystal conductors, including: wire drawing machines, stranding machines, extrusion machines, enamel machines, etc. These devices are more precise, making the finished wire appearance more beautiful and performance more excellent.

We have rich experience in customizing special wires for customers. Shorter lead times and faster shipping services can quickly meet your special requirements. Becoming our partner can greatly enhance the competitiveness of your products.

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