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One-stop service

We have many advanced wire manufacturing equipment, so we can customize various high-end wires according to your needs.

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    We need to know the drawings, samples, or detailed parameter descriptions and quantities of the wires.

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    We calculate the cost, completion time, and provide you with a quotation.

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    Based on the actual situation of both parties, communicate and reach agreement on the process, completion time, price, payment, and delivery method.

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    Advance payment

    Pay an advance payment for the goods.

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    After receiving your advance payment, we will start production and ensure that it is completed within the agreed timeframe.

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    Pay the balance

    After manufacturing is completed, we will confirm that all technical specifications of the wire meet the requirements and notify you to pay the remaining balance.

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    When we receive the final payment, we will ship the goods in the agreed manner.

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    Based on your feedback, we will summarize our experience so that we can better serve you next time.

Shipping method

Faster shipping methods

Usually we will use FEDEX or DHL to ship your goods. The shipping time is 4-7 days worldwide. We guarantee that you will receive the goods as soon as possible.


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