Bonding Wire

Wire bonding is a process that uses thin metal wires to bond metal leads to substrate pads using heat, pressure, and ultrasonic energy to achieve electrical interconnection between chips and substrates, as well as information exchange between chips.  It is a commonly used packaging material in the field of microelectronics.


The varieties of bonding wires have evolved from traditional bonding gold wires and bonding aluminum wires to the current multi-variety and multi-model.  In the past ten years, bonding copper wires, bonding silver wires, bonding gold alloy wires, bonding silver alloy wires, bonding palladium-plated copper wires, and bonding gold-plated silver wires have been developed. The specifications of bonding wire products range from 13μm to 50μm, and the length of the finished product wound on the bobbin ranges from 500 meters to 6000 meters. Bonding wires are mainly used in integrated circuits (IC), semiconductor discrete devices (TDR), semiconductor lighting (LED), camera module (COB), etc.


The high purity single crystal copper/silver conductors produced by us have higher ductility and conductivity, making them ideal materials for manufacturing bonding wires in special fields.


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